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A Colossus-class javelin

The Colossus is one of the several types of javelins used by Freelancers during their expeditions outside of Fort Tarsis. With its focus on damage mitigation and explosive power, the Colossus is a favorite among Freelancers who prefer a brute force solution to their problems. Whether you need the straightforward approach for a mission or you just like a little roomier fit, the Colossus is an amazing addition to your javelin arsenal.

Abilities [1][]

Javelin Weaponry[]

The Colossus cannot use the two smallest weapon types, Pistols and SMGs, but is the only javelin sturdy enough to wield any of the Heavy Weapons.

Melee Ability[]

  • Heavy Smash: The Colossus can use its massive chassis as a weapon both in a diving smash attack from the air and a hammering melee attack. This not only clears out smaller enemies instantly, but has a chance to knock down foes and leave them open to follow-up attacks.

Gear Abilities[]

Ordnance Launcher Gear[]

Utilizing the incredible strength of the Colossus, these shoulder-mounted weapons are capable of dishing out punishment to enemies near or far (your choice).

  • High Explosive Mortar: Launches an explosive projectile that deals heavy area-of-effect damage.
  • Burst Mortar: Fires a volley of smaller mortars that spread out to pummel a wider area of effect.
  • Firewall Mortar: Fires a specialized mortar round that ignites a wall of flame, heavily damaging enemies that try to move through it.
  • Lightning Coil: Strikes a single random target with an arc of electricity in front of the Colossus, prioritising targets with status effects.
  • Shock Coil: Emits waves of electricity out from the Colossus, damaging all nearby enemies.

Heavy Assault Launcher Gear[]

The Colossus allows for the fitting of a number of wrist-mounted weapons that can complement its other destructive options.

  • Siege Cannon: Fires a large rocket in a targeted direction.
  • Flame Thrower: Unleashes a continuous stream of fire that ignites enemies on fire.
  • Flak Cannon: Barrages nearby enemies with a short-range arc of projectiles.
  • Railgun: Devastates a single-target with a forceful and precise kinetic round.
  • Acid Spitter: Expels an acid projectile to damage enemies.

Support Gear[]

As the preeminent battletank, the Colossus is capable of supporting its allies by decreasing incoming damage or diverting enemy fire toward itself.

  • Battle Cry: Forces all enemies within a certain radius to divert their attacks to the Colossus while lowering their elemental and physical resistance.
  • Shield Pulse: Gives all nearby allies a damage-resistance buff.

Ultimate Ability[]

  • Heavy Mortar: Heavy assault cannon that fires up to 3 projectiles that are timed apart that have an extreme amount of blast radius and do tremendous damage to not only targets that the projectile hits but those in the blast radius as well.