The Freelancer

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The Freelancer clad in a Ranger-class javelin exosuit

The Freelancer, or The Player, is the Freelancer and javelin pilot controlled by individual players of Anthem.


The Freelancer has a backstory of their own.[1] They also have close relationships with their strider crew members Haluk, Owen, and Faye.


In all Anthem promotional content, The Freelancer is depicted as a brown-haired, brown-eyed, fair-skinned human female armored in a black, white, yellow Ranger-class javelin. In-game, players are able to customize the face and hair of The Freelancer, but not their body.[2] The Freelancer is also multi-gendered.[3]


  • The Freelancer starts off with a Ranger-class javelin in the tutorial where they'll get to level 2. After which they can choose the one they aquire first, being able to choose additional javelins at levels 8, 16, and 24, respectively.